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    Alvand Cable Tray & Ladder Co. Manufacturer of "cable tray" and "cable ladder" in different dimensions and thicknesses, "wire mesh tray", "landfill trunking", "support" types of tray holder Cable and ladder cable in three types of "pendant" (ceiling), "wall" and "ground", types of "aluminum split boxes" and "polycarbonate split boxes", different types of "brackets" required in industrial and industrial projects Construction and .....

    This company is used to * world * standards *

    In the field of "Production, Technical and Design" it has been able to produce its products in accordance with the needs of * projects nationwide and during this time has achieved good achievements and innovations.

    Alvand Tray and Ladder Company has expanded its range of products and products in various sectors and requirements of the electricity industry, taking into account its manufacturing and technical capacity.

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    The company's various products include:

    Types of cable trays and cable ladders made of galvanized sheets, oil sheets with galvanized plating

    Hot, stainless steel and aluminum sheets with all connections

    Types of landfill trunking made with galvanized sheet, oil sheet with hot galvanized plating, sheet

    Steel and aluminum with all connections

    All types of wire mesh made of hot galvanized and stainless steel

    Design and manufacture of types of supports for installation of cable trays and ladders of steel tubes with inch sizes

    And PGA, along with all related fittings, including stand mounts, thirty rails, bolt rolls, fork fasteners

    Types of aluminum die-cast aluminum split wall boxes in different sizes with grade

    Types of PVC split boxes in different sizes

    Types of one-piece and two-piece fork cable ladders, inch steel tubes, mm

    And PJ (Coming Soon)

    Different types of sun shades for electrical switchgear and split boxes

    Types of steel pipes in millimeter, inch, and PVC sizes in hot galvanized, cold galvanized and black

    According to world standards


    Types of polycarbonate and polyimide steel cables and pipes




    * We will answer your questions *

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    # What is the difference between a cold galvanized cable ladder and a hot galvanized cable ladder?


    Alvand Cable Tray & Ladder Company

    Manufacturer of Variety of Different Kinds of Trays, Ladders, & Trunkings

    with Stainless Steel, Galvanized, Hot Galvanized, and Aluminum Sheets

    Cable Tray , Cable Ladder , Cable Tray , Cable Ladder ,Cable Tray , Cable Ladder ,Cable Tray , Cable La

    Alvand Cable Tray and Ladder Co.'s General Policy

    Each company, according to its sources, opportunities, objectives and its position in the industry should adopt a policy to presence and compete in the market.

    A competitive data collection system should be able to gather the necessary information from sources such as raw material suppliers, distribution channels, consumer channels and customers, research institutions and trade associations to enjoy a particular advantage in the market, compared to the other systems, by means of adopting proper competitive strategies and also be able to not only create the proper competitive atmosphere for managers' decision making, but also contribute the significant growth and survival of the system.


    Alvand Cable tray & Ladder Co. has defined its long-term goals based on the following outlines:

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    Alvand Cable Tray and Ladder Co.'s Production Strategies

    It has been assumed that there is a great demand for the products and therefore we should only focus on production. In addition, we must be able to improve customer satisfaction through increasing productivity and enhancing interaction with other industries.


    Alvand Cable Tray and Ladder Co.'s Product Strategies

    There is always a demand for high-quality and reasonable-priced products.


    Alvand Cable Tray and Ladder Co.'s Marketing Strategies

    The client's need must be understood first, and then based on that we produce high quality products with high performance which can best satisfy his need and consequently, its value will be higher than competitors'.

    Alvand Cable Tray and Ladder Co.'s Social Marketing Strategies

    In addition to the current need of the customer, the long-term results of supplying the product should be considered and convenience of our respected customers should be also thought about.


    Various Projects Such as:

    Petrochemical Companies

    Oil and Gas Projects

    Nation Airports

    Stadium Projects

    Islamic Azad University

    Metro Stations, and

    Cultural and Commercial Office Buildings

    Are Among the Main Activities of the Company.



    *Cable Ladder* & *Cable Tray* & *Trunking*

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    Cable Tray , Cable Ladder , Cable Tray , Cable Ladder ,Cable Tray , Cable Ladder ,Cable Tray , Cable Ladder ,Cable Tray , Cable Ladder ,Cable Tray , Cable Ladder , Cable Tray , Cable Ladder









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