cable Ladder and accessories


2.1- Ladders are divided into two categories:


A - Classic:

* Material thickness 1.25 , 1.5 , 2 , 2.5  mm.

*  Rung type U welded type & C with Bolt & Nut

* Rung spacing 300mm centre

*  Standard length 2 Mtr OR 3 Mtr.


*  Standard finishes

1. Hot dip galvanized after fabrication to BS 729.
2. Pre-Galvanized
3. Epoxy Coating
4. Aluminum
5. Stainless steel




Where the height of the return flange, the thickness and the design of accessories are different from the classic 1 range.


2.2- Rungs


a. Types of rungs:


1. Revited Type (RV) Which is used only for 55mm and 75mm height cable ladder



2. Tabular Type (TB) Which is used only for 75mm
and 100mm height



3. U welded Type Used with standard height of 55mm upto 180mm available with 3 different types.


A. (UW1) Standard downward rung

B. (UW2) Standard upward rung

C. (UW3) Standard top rung



4. Channel Welded Type:

Used with standard heights starting from 55mm up to 180mm, available with two sizes 41 x 21mm and 41 x 25mm rungs & thickness 2.5mm.

A.  Standard down ward C rung (CW1)


B.  Standard down ward C rung (CW2)


C.  Standard upward C rung (CW3)

D.  Standard upward C rung (CW4)



b- Perforation of the rungs

1. Horizontal slots - Standard perforation

2. Vertical slots perforation available as per customer request


2.3- Accessories:

All accessories are made with a standard radius of 300mm. However, we can supply alternatively radius of 600 and 900mm. Horizontal bends and Vertical risers are also available in other than 90deg as a standard item.
Rungs other than 300mm centre are also supplied upon request.

1- Horizontal Bend 90deg


2- Equal Tee


4- Vertical inside Riser


4- Horizontal Cross





5- Vertical outside riser


6- Reducer








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